Taiko drumming is a dynamic, modern art form born in Japan after World War II. It has now evolved into its own unique style in North America. Combining driving rhythms and movements inspired by martial arts, taiko (which means “big drum” in Japanese) is a joyful and expressive way to experience Japanese American culture, move your body, and have a great time!

All Mu Performing Arts taiko classes are taught by current Mu Daiko members and take place in a fun, supportive environment. All classes are held at the Mu Performing Arts Studio.


While every effort will be made to avoid a class cancellation due to hazardous weather or instructor illness/emergency, tuition for cancelled classes as well as student absences are NON-REFUNDABLE.



Our introductory class is geared for students ages 13 years and older interested in a formal introduction to taiko. Students will be introduced to the history, kata/form and oral learning tradition. Students will learn 2-3 songs and will be eligible to progress to Level 1 classes with instructor’s approval.

2016 Summer Session

No Classes scheduled

2016 Fall Schedule To Be Announced!

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You know you wanna try it! Now’s your chance to pick up the bachi and see what taiko drumming is all about. Whether you want to expand your musical skills, or you’re just looking for something fun to do, give taiko a try! Pick a Saturday that works in your schedule. More dates will be added throughout the year.


Saturdays, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Instructor: Michiko Buchanan
Tuition: $50

JUL 23, 2016
AUG 20, 2016

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*Please Note: A separate registration form is required for each participant.