Give a Gift, Give a Voice.

You’re changing lives, one voice at a time!

You may know Mu through our ground-breaking theater and taiko productions, from FOB: The MN Chinese Restaurant Tour to A Little Night Music to Mu Daiko’s moving concerts.

But did you know that Mu is the only performing arts company in the world with a history of telling adoption stories?

Kim Park Nelson, Ph.D, is a leading international adoption scholar who developed the first college course on Korean adoption in the US.  She shared this fact, adding:

“Mu’s history of telling adoption stories has had a big impact – it’s changed the way we talk about adoption in the Twin Cities, in the press and with one another. It’s a big reason why Korean adoptees are on the map here. And it’s an example for communities around the world.”

You’ve made this possible.  Minnesota is home to the largest Korean adoptee population in the world.  Thanks to you, shows like Middle Brother, Four Destinies, The Walleye Kid: The Musical, Mask Dance, and more have given voice to the adoptee experience, impacting our community.

Because of you, the Twin Cities has set the stage for nationwide change in how we talk about adoption.

Because of you, teens like Chayeng and the Youth Leadership Group members at Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT) are realizing their voices deserve to be heard through arts experiences they can’t find elsewhere.

Because of you, young artists like Sam Mistry and his mentors in Mu Daiko have a place they call home.

Because of you, the Asian American community has a VOICE.

We take great pride in our artistic quality and fiscal stability each season. But more importantly, we take great pride in you, our Mu family. You are Mu. And your gift today, of any size, will change a student’s life.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT. For a limited time, your gift will be doubled by Mu’s Board of Directors, dollar for dollar, until we reach $8,500! This means you’ll be giving $17,000 in arts access, education, and untold stories to families across the Midwest as we reach our goal.

Keep the conversation going.  Give a gift, give a voice, today.

Thank you again for making Mu possible!

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Mu’s mission is to produce great performances born of arts, equality, and justice from the heart of the Asian American experience.  Please reach us any time by contacting Sara Ochs, Development Director, at 651.789.1012 or  We’d love to hear from you!