Thank you for making Mu possible!

You may know Mu through our ground-breaking theater and taiko productions, from Kung Fu Zombies Vs. Cannibals to Into the Woods to Mu Daiko’s moving concerts.

But did you know Mu also works closely with immigrant, refugee, and low-income youth? You can give these students life changing arts experiences.

Your gift will help students like those pictured here. We just worked with the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent‘s youth group through our Mu Stories* program. As these students wrote an original play about their lives, they learned their voices are powerful and deserve to be heard.

You can change the lives of hundreds of young people just like these students, giving them the chance to reach their potential and become our future leaders.

Here’s how you can make a difference. 47¢ of each dollar spent on Mu programming depends on your contribution. Ticket sales cover only a portion of the costs of our productions and educational programs. Your support makes the Mu experiences you love possible.

Because of you, Mu Daiko thrills crowds with the pounding joy of their taiko drumming.

Because of you, actors such as Sun Mee Chomet, Katie Bradley, Suzie Juul, Kurt Kwan, Jeannie Lander, Sara Ochs, Eric Sharp, and Randy Reyes have a theater they call home.

Because of you, students are empowered by arts experiences they could not otherwise afford.

Because of you, the Asian American community has a voice.

We take great pride in our artistic quality and fiscal stability each season. But more importantly, we take great pride in you, our Mu family. You are Mu. And your gift today will change a student’s life.

Thank you again for making Mu possible!

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To donate, click on the button below or mail a check to:
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Mu’s mission is to produce great performances born of arts, equality, and justice from the heart of the Asian American experience. Please reach us any time by contacting Sara Ochs at 651.789.1012 or We’d love to hear from you!

*See the Mu Stories program in action at here.