Mu produces great performances born of arts, equality, and justice from the heart of the Asian American experience.

Our mission is born of two needs: the need to gain due recognition and acceptance as Asian Americans in 21st century America, and the need to facilitate a clearer understanding of our identity and responsibilities within our own diverse community.


Mu creates global acceptance of Asian American culture and perspectives through theater and taiko.

Primary Artistic Values

  • To give voice and cultural profile to the Asian American community.
  • To offer opportunities for mainstream audiences to gain insight and empathy for Asian American culture and heritage.
  • To provide professional development opportunities for emerging Asian American artists.
  • To promote awareness of and progressive action on issues of social justice and gender equity in society.
  • To move, provoke, and challenge our audiences to understand, embrace, and celebrate diversity.

The Meaning of Mu

Mu (pronounced MOO) is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character for the
shaman/artist/warrior who connects the heavens and the earth through the tree of life.