Organizational changes at Mu Performing Arts

Thank you for your support of Mu Performing Arts. Because of your close connection to this organization, we want to let you know of some changes that will happen in the coming year. You may know that Mu Performing Arts has undergone change in the past. It was founded as Theater Mu in 1992; added Mu Daiko in 1997; and changed the name to Mu Performing Arts to better reflect both the taiko and theater programs in 2001. Both programs have grown during the twenty-plus years of joint operation and both are ready for the next step: Effective August 31, 2017, Mu Performing Arts will bring its taiko programming, including Mu Daiko, to an end. This restructuring will enable Mu as a theater organization to better focus on its artistic vision and mission. Mu Daiko leadership is creating a separate nonprofit to continue their work; you will learn more about this in spring of 2017.

This organizational change will result in a clearer focus on Mu’s mission, continuing to provide theater experiences emphasizing arts, equity, and justice, giving voice to Asian American artists and community members in new and meaningful ways. We are excited to share new plans, brands, and ideas with you as they develop throughout the next year.

Mu Performing Arts’ staff and Board will manage the operational activities of Mu Daiko through August, 2017 as Mu Daiko’s leadership and new Board develop their own organizational structure. Mu Daiko’s artistic director, Jen Weir, is energized and very supportive of this new opportunity, as am I, along with the entire Mu Performing Arts Board of Directors. Both entities are terrific assets to the arts community and both are looking forward to seeing the other succeed. If you have any questions about Mu Performing Arts, please email or call me – I’d be happy to discuss the future plans with you.

Randy Reyes
Artistic Director
Mu Performing Arts

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