Did you know that ticket sales only cover a third of the actual cost of professional theater? To take an idea or story from heart, to page, then to stage requires a large amount of resources before the curtains open. Hiring equity actors and designers, paying for fabric and nails, renting theaters and paying royalties are all part of these costs. Excellent productions and unforgettable performances come at a cost. That’s why we need your help.

Help us cover any of these production costs, in any amount, for your favorite show (or three) and become a Mu Playmaker.

Artist Fees/Wages

Remember that mesmerizing actress/actor who brought a character to life at the last play you watched? Or the taiko performer that took your breath away? That person was compensated for their talent, skills, and time. Mu is committed to investing in all of our artists and that means fair wages and benefits.


Production Designer Fees

We call them production designers but you may know them as stage or set designers. They are the talented people behind Mu’s beautifully crafted stage sets, timely lighting and sound effects, and intricate costume designs.



You know your story, and your story is personal and awesome. But do others know how inspiring your story is? The money that is spent on publicity and marketing efforts helps inform like-minded individuals and Mu supporters about your great story that needs to be told and heard.

Playmakers make great and and unforgettable performances possible.  Join us in the adventure of making great performances. You’ll get these sweet and exclusive perks if you do!

  •  Acknowledgement in Season Program
  •  Special show buttons, perks, and discounts
  •  Backstage access to the show
  •  Exclusive Tech Week tours and Meet & Greets


Become a Playmaker by clicking the button above!

To learn more, email Tiffany Xiong, Donor Relations and Events Coordinator at or become a Playmaker now!

Thanks to our 2015 Playmakers:

Betty Tisel
Kate Barr
Tracy Harris
Lori Jacobwith
Deborah Jindra
Lynn Schulte
Loretta Koch
Joe Kroll
Mary Peterson
Rich and Keely Remedios
Francis Buesgens
Michaela Johnson