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Thank you to our current Twelfth Night Playmakers:

  • Betty Tisel 
  • Lori Jacobwith 
  • Deborah Jindra
  • Tracy Harris
  • Kate Barr
  • Lynn Schulte


Did you know that ticket sales only cover a third of the actual cost of Mu’s stage productions? Hiring actors and designers, paying for fabric and nails, renting theaters and paying royalties are all part of these production costs. Taking an idea or story from heart, to page, then to stage requires a large amount of resources before the curtains open. The real cost of producing is no secret in theater circles, but is often unknown by audiences, supporters and theater enthusiasts.

Well, enough is enough! We want to unveil the #MuRealCosts of producing our plays to Mu’s family and friends.

Your very first opportunity to become a Playmaker is with our upcoming Twelfth Night production. By helping us cover productions costs in any amount, you will become a Twelfth Night Playmaker!

Here’s the Breakdown:

Twelfth Night will cost: $55,000Playmaker Button

Tickets sales: $18,000

Difference: $37,000

That’s where you come in.

Let’s tell a story together. Become a Mu Playmaker today and help us make great plays possible.



We all love flashy and intricate costumes that we see at Mu’s shows but do we know the #MuRealCosts of these costumes that we love?

Costumes play an important role in any Mu production. Costumes are a storytelling tool that helps with character creation, visual aesthetic, and actor transformation.

We often look to costumes first when attempting to determine who a character is on stage. If a costume has lots of sparkle and vibrant colors, there’s a good chance the character is a person of wealth. If the costumes is wrinkly and sags on the actor, the character may be a person from a lower socioeconomic class.

And to be frank, despite endless hours of rehearsing, many actors often don’t feel complete or in character until they are wearing the clothes of their character. Actors are transformed into their characters after wearing their costumes. That’s when the real magic happens!

Costumes are much more than just clothes, they enhance the storytelling of the play and helps create an unforgettable theater experience for Mu‘s family and friends.

Playmakers Costume Infographic

Will you help us cover the costs of Twelfth Night production’s costumes? 
By helping us cover costumes costs in any amount, you will become a Twelfth Night Playmaker!

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Twelfth Night
’s stage at Mixed Blood Theatre will be a traverse-style stage where audiences will sit on two sides of along rectangular stage, facing each other. One big advantage of a traverse-style stage is that there will be intimacy between the audience and actors since even the worst seats will be relatively close to the stage. Audience members will hear the actors clearly and be able to see actors’ profile. A disadvantage of this stage design is thatactors have no place to hid after a scene is done. You will either see the front side or back side of an actor once they walk past you.

Playmakers Set Infographic
Beautiful and innovative stage designs such as scenery, props, and lighting can transform a cafeteria, gymnasium, or multi-purpose room into a professional theatre. They enhance the storytelling of a play and engage with Mu’s audiences. Mu will spend $15,400 on stage designs when all the bills have been paid.

Mu is committed to producing great performances born of arts, equity, and justice from the heart of the Asian American experience. Will you become a Playmaker today and help make Twelfth Night an unforgettable experience?The first ten individuals who become Playmakers this week will receive a Twelfth Night stage lantern once the season is over!


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Thank you Deborah Jindra, Tracy Harris, and Kate Barr for becoming Twelfth Night Playmakers last week! Your Twelfth Night stage lanterns will shine brilliantly on Mu’s stage!

Photo by Keri Pickett

Friday evening was opening night, and we fell in love with our actors all over again. Actors aren’t just bodies on a stage, they bring characters in a script to life and make unforgettable performances.

So this week, we are unveiling the #MuRealCosts of our amazingly talented Twelfth Night actors. Mu’s actors are compensated for their talent, skills, and time. Mu’s commitment to paying our actors fairly costs us about $24,600.

This cost includes contracting five Equity actors. Actors’ Equity Association is a labor union that protects the professional rights and dignity of actors such as negotiating wages, working conditions, and providing health and pension plans.

Mu supports Equity and their actors but an Equity contract costs three times more than a non-Equity contract. We want to continue supporting all actors but we need your help.Will you help Mu invest in our actors by becoming a Twelfth Night Playmaker today?

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To learn more, email Tiffany Xiong, Donor Relations and Events Coordinator at or become a Playmaker now!