The encounter between American gunboat diplomacy and Japan’s determined isolationism in the 1850’s set off a whirlwind of world-changing events in a revealing clash of cultures. Sondheim’s unsurpassed mastery of the American music mixed with the theatrical techniques of Japan create a rich and thought provoking view of our world.

Joseph Carl
2nd Councilor,1st Observer,Priest,Kanagawa GIrl,British Sailor,Ameican Admiral
Zachary Drake
Reciter,Storyteller,Emperor, Shogun
Arnold R. Felizardo
Kayama, Dutch Admiral
Roy Kallemeyn
Lord Abe,Sumo Wrestler,Kanagawa Madam
Allen Malicsi
Merchant, American Sailor,Physician, Sumo Executioner,Samurai, Warrior, Lord of the South, Assassin
Bill Murray
Samurai, Fisherman,American Officer, Soothsayer,Russian Admiral, Samurai,Warrior, Lord of the South,British Sailor,Samurai Bodyguard
Sara Ochs
Priest, Second Observer,Merchant's Son,Boatman,American Sailor,Puppet Emperor, British Admiral
Laurine Price
Merchant's Grandmother,American Officer,Shogun's Wife,Young Boy,French Admiral,Assassin,Lord of the South,Kanagawa Girl
Sherwin F. Resurreccion
Manjiro, Old Man
Kiseung Rhee
3rd Councilor, Thief,Samurai Companion,Assassin,Kanagawa Girl, American Girl,American Officer,Old Swordsman
Adriano Sobretodo, Jr.
1st Councilor, Samurai, Horse,Commodore Perry,Sumo Wrestler, Noble, Butoh,Assassin, Lion
Momoko Tanno
Shogun's Mother, Tamate,American Sailor, Noble,Assassin, Kanagawa Girl,British Sailor


Anita Ruth

Joan Griffith

Kyle Clausen

Brian Glenn

Rick Shiomi

* denotes member of Actors Equity
Stage Manger
Emily Park Smith*
Scenic Designer
Rick Polenek
Lighting Designer
Michael P. Kittel
Costume Designer(Original)
Mara Blumenfeld
Additional Costume Design
Elin Anderson
Sound Designer
Timothy Knox
Myron Johnson
Kabuki Consultant/Fight Choreography
David Furumoto

* denotes member of Actors Equity