Dreamland Arts
677 Hamline Avenue North  Saint Paul, MN 55104

Saturday, March 28

Two Shows!
3 PM and 7 PM (SOLD OUT)

Taiko Lab is your opportunity to experience original compositions, experimental melodies, and brand new rhythms from the innovative composers/ensemble members of Mu Daiko. Seating is very limited, so please reserve your seat in advance for this exciting showcase.


Mattari Jamu ‘Relaxing Jam Session’ by Michiko Todokoro Buchanan

Mattari means deeply relaxed.  When you pet the velvety hair of your cat in the sun by the sliding glass door sipping green tea, you can mattari-suru ‘feel deeply relaxed.’  When you chat with your good friend in a cozy room on your day off, you can mattari-suru.  No worries, no hassles.  Let’s get together, and enjoy Mattari Jamu.

Sketch of my Memory by Russell Flewellen III and Emma Valentine

The song is a story about an old friend and how as time passes memories start to fade. When you think of a very old dear friend it gets harder to recall specific moments, but thinking of this person brings back this feeling of happiness and a smile. However, it is a little bit sad because of the separation between the two friends and life must keep going on.

Radiddlepa Me This by Jennifer Weir

This piece was originally written as a solo exploration of the variety and
complexity of rhythms one person can make on the shime. Includes a portion of “Radiddlepa”, by Kristofer Bergstrom, Copyright 2014.
Released under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike International 4.0 license.

Kishiwada Danjiri Bayashi ‘Kishiwada Cart-pulling Festival Music’

traditional arrangement by Michiko Todokoro Buchanan

This festival song is played during the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri ‘Kishiwada Cart-pulling Festival’ held every fall since the 18th century in Kishiwada, which is 20 miles south of downtown Osaka, Japan. In the festival, mikoshi, or portable shrine, are placed on 4-ton wooden carts and pulled through the streets by several hundred men.  They run as they turn the corners, and they often crash.  Even during the crashes, musicians on the cart keep playing.

Inspiration by Chiaki O’Brien

It was all about timing. This is inspired by two events:  workshops by visiting artist Yuichi Kimura from Kobe, Japan, and the Taiko Baka workshop, an annual Odaiko intensive in Sacramento led by Tiffany Tamaribuchi. I developed my first composition as a “drill” to push me to continue to practice my Odaiko drumming.

Maybe Today by Jennifer Weir

Kenji begins his day in the usual way, but something makes him hope that maybe today will be different.  Taiko is used to express the inner emotions and life hidden just under the surface.

Emi “Smile”  by Heather Jeche

Emi (smile) is about that one thing in your life that picks you up, motivates you, gives you reason to celebrate, brings you true bliss…makes you smile.

Impermanent Wind by Jeff Ellsworth

Impermanent Wind is dedicated to all the people that have blown in and out of my life and have left a lasting impression.

Falling Flowers by Arlene Teraoka and Cathie VanDanacker

This collaborative piece is inspired by the principles and practice of tai chi and takes its name from a movement in the tai chi sword form.

Untitled by Susan Tanabe and Sam Mistry

Inspired by the Guaguancó rhythm and love of playing the cajón, this composition features playful improvisation.

NiDan by Sukeroku Taiko, performed by Mu Taiko Institute

(Kai Anderson, Junko Beaulieu, Jennifer Cho, Sam Mistry)

Daichi “Earth” by Yuichi Kimura

This is the North American premiere of this piece, written in 1995, inspired by the devastation and community impact of the Kobe earthquake.  In its 20th Anniversary, this piece has been performed in special events throughout Japan, and was taught to us by Kimura Sensei in special workshops held this year.