She’s a Hmong personality coach addicted to Korean Dramas (Korean soap operas). He’s the heir to a Korean manufacturing giant banished to the new Midwest office. Will she find a man before the magic hour of her 30th birthday? Will he buck tradition and embrace his musical dreams? Fantasy collides with reality in this romantic comedy about fate, cultural clashes, and the art of losing one’s virginity.

aaaJuly 27th - August 19th

  • July 27th - 7:30 (Preview)
  • July 28 - 7:30 (Preview)
  • July 29 - 2:00 (Preview)
  • July 31 - 7:30 (Preview)
  • August 1 - 7:30 (Preview)
  • August 2 - 7:30 (Preview)
  • August 3 - 7:30 (Opening)
  • August 4 - 7:30
  • August 5 - 2:00
  • August 9 - 7:30 (Talkback) SOLD OUT!
  • August 10 - 7:30 SOLD OUT!
  • August 11 - 2:00 SOLD OUT!
  • August 11 - 7:30 SOLD OUT!
  • August 12 - 2:00 SOLD OUT!
  • August 16 - 7:30 (Talkback) SOLD OUT!
  • August 17 - 7:30 SOLD OUT!
  • August 18 - 7:30 SOLD OUT!
  • August 19 - 2:00 (Close) SOLD OUT!

This season premiers Theater Mu’s experimental Pay As You Are pricing. Mu strives to voice the stories of the Asian American community, and in order to bring performances to those communities whose stories they tell, Mu is committed to make them as accessible as possible. Pay As You Are pricing asks those who routinely pay $35-$40 for theater tickets to choose to pay that; it is the actual fair market value of the ticket. If an audience member needs to pay less, they can choose to pay less - as little as $5 per ticket. 


May Lee-Yang is a playwright, poet, prose writer, and performance artist. Born in Ban Vinai, a refugee camp in Thailand following the Secret War in Laos, May moved with her family to Saint Paul, MN where she lives to this day. Her work often explores the lives of Hmong women and living in a bicultural world, and she has been hailed by Twin Cities Metro Magazine as “on her way to becoming one of the most powerful and colorful voices in local theater.” Her theater-based works have been presented at Mu Performing Arts, the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (CHAT), Out North Theater, the 2011 National Asian American Theater Festival, the MN Fringe Festival and others. Her works includeConfessions of a Lazy Hmong Woman and Ten Reasons Why I’d Be a Bad Porn Star.  She has received grants from the Bush Leadership Fellowship, the Minnesota State Arts Board, the National Performance Network, the Midwestern Voices and Visions Residency Award, the Playwrights' Center, and the Loft Literary Center.

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We're trying to keep prices low so everybody can come. Pay what fits your budget, as little as $5. $35 is the fair market value.

Dexieng Yang
Gao Hlee
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Clay Man Soo
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Katie Bradley*
Madame Song
Phasoua Vang
Joann Oudekerk
Park Mirae
Gregory Yang
Tou Mong
Yeej Moua
Mai See Lee

* denotes member of Actors Equity
Randy Reyes
Stage Manager
Lyndsey K. Harter*
Scenic Designer
Sarah Brandner
Technical Director
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Samantha Fromm Haddow
Sound Designer
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Lighting Designer
Karin Olson
Properties Designer
Abbee Warmboe

* denotes member of Actors Equity