Dreamland Arts
677 Hamline Avenue North  Saint Paul, MN 55104

This is our testing ground of new works. Come hear readings and be a part of the conversation afterward. What worked? What didn’t? Is there something promising in this piece? Be a part of the conversation! Many of these plays end up in future seasons.

Trapezoid by Nic Cha Kim, directed by Brian Balcom

In this new-age comedy, Peter is a slam poet who gets a strange invitation to work for a computer company on the development of AIMEE: Artificially Intelligent Mechanical and Emotional Entity. Peter injects AIMEE with his poetry, giving her emotion and making her wild for him. After finding out his girlfriend is pregnant, Peter must balance his personal life with the rampaging robot who is after him.

The Orphan of Zhao by Mia Chung, directed by Randy Reyes

The Orphan of Zhao is a classic tale of epic adventure from the warlord era of China. In this new interpretation, a female doctor of the court ends up sacrificing her own son to save the life of the only true heir to the throne.

Excerpts of Works in Progress
Dancing with Demons by Iris Shiraishi and Martha Johnson, directed by Jennifer Weir
Becoming by Iris Shiraishi, directed by Zaraawar Mistry
The Hawk:  The Michio Ito Story by R.A. Shiomi, directed by R.A. Shiomi

Fayette-Nam by Aurorae Khoo, directed by Jennifer Weir

In the small town of Fayetteville where the main business survives off the local military base, a young African American solider finds solace and support in the local donut shop run by a middle aged Korean American woman, her college drop out daughter, and her quirky teenaged son.

The Anna Way Wong Story by Jeany Park, directed by Sherwin Resurreccion

Anna May Wong was the epitome of Asian glamour as the most recognized Asian American actress in the early years of Hollywood. This play, starting at the end of Anna’s life and moving backward toward her first acting job, follows the trials and tribulations of her rise and fall, revealing the complicated issues of Asian American fame along the way

Stage Manager: Alyssa Pence

* denotes member of Actors Equity