Jasmine 26
8 E. 26th St. Minneapolis, MN 55404


After last year’s smashing success, Jasmine and her friends are back to celebrate the holidays the only way they know how… spectacularly! Jasmine invites you to enjoy this cabaret full of songs, laughter, and drama drama drama. She’s especially worked up this season because of the unpredictability of her super talented and extremely neurotic friends. And she’s still single! Once again she has convinced her Uncle Vinny to open up his restaurant/bar, named after her, so you can enjoy his amazing food, great drinks, and the kind of entertainment that you can only get from Jasmine and her friends at Mu Performing Arts!

Featuring: Katie Bradley, Francesca Dawis, Isabella Dawis, Sheena Janson, Jasmine (Randy Reyes), Suzie Juul, Kurt Kwan, Sara Ochs, Anita Ruth, and Eric Sharp.

"My niece is very talented, even if she is high maintenance." - Uncle Vinny, owner of Jasmine 26