Mu Performing Arts and Artistic Director Randy Reyes invite you to experience an unparalleled variety of events in our 2015-16 Season of theater and taiko!

Celebrate 50 years of Asian American theater with Mu Performing Arts this season. Bringing you new taiko performances and innovative works from the heart of the Asian American experience, as well as our 50th World Premiere production.

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Taiko Groove

directed by Jennifer Weir
November 5 – 8, 2015
Concordia University (E.M. Pearson Theatre)

Taiko Groove will be a a collaborative concert with special guests artists that will explore a more contemporary taiko groove through a variety of instrumentation, rhythms and melody. We’ll also have the visceral excitement and chest rattling of our big drum numbers that audiences love.

Purple Cloud

by Jessica Huang
December 4 – 20, 2015
Mixed Blood Theatre

When you’re hapa, you know deep down you’re greater than the sum of your many parts. In Purple Cloud, three generations of Huangs deal with the multifacets of their multiracial identities as – accompanied by four Jade Pieces – they embark on a mythical journey from China to America and back again.

You For Me For You

by Mia Chung
February 20 – March 6, 2016
Guthrie Theater (Dowling Studio)

In the closed world of North Korea, Yuna’s sister Minjee is desperately sick. To save her, Yuna pays a Smuggler to help them flee North Korea—but Minjee is too sick to make it across the border. Instructed by the Smuggler, Yuna races across time and space to New York, committed to returning for Minjee. Yet the free world is seductive and confounding: life suddenly offers Yuna a distracting bounty of choice, and time moves much faster than in North Korea.



by Victor Maog
June 17 – 26, 2016
Park Square Theatre (Boss Thrust Stage)

TOT follows an immigrant boy who travels from the Ferdinand Marcos-ruled Philippines to the San Francisco Bay Area to meet his long lost parents. He journeys from a country full of strife and military rule only to find himself in his lonely American bedroom conjuring a pro wrestling fantasy to escape his new life.


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