Interested in Taiko but not sure what it is? Check out our sample video below!

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What is Taiko?

With origins spanning nearly 1,000 years of Japanese history, taiko drumming now reaches around the globe as on of the most recognizable - and most exciting! - representations of Japanese culture in the world. Over the last fifty years, taiko (Japanese for "big drum") has become a fixture in the Asian American community and evolved into its own unique art form here in the United States. As the Asian American population continues to grow and diversity, taiko remains one of the most dynamic means of artistic expression across the pan-Asian community. Through drumming, men and women come together to both connect with Asian culture and build their own Asian American tradition.

Our Programs

Educational Interactive Presentation
This specially designed educational program exposes students to taiko while establishing basic historical and cultural background for the art form. Through performance and reflection, Mu Daiko members build an understanding of the impact of taiko in the United States.
  • Interactive features: Students practice simple taiko rhythms using kuchi shoka the traditional vocal learning technique.
  • Number of performers: 3
  • Time: 45-50 minutes
Taiko Workshop
Great for small groups, this can be added on to your Interactive presentation. Give students greater exposure to taiko through a one-time taiko workshop. Students get to see and learn from the pros, and then try it themselves as Mu Daiko members lead fun, hands-on group instruction in the basic rhythms and form of taiko.
  • Interactive features: Students exercise coordination and learn musical structure through practice of rhythms and movements.
  • Number of performers: 3
  • Time: 45-60 minutes
Custom-designed residency
Create an in-depth multicultural and musical experience for your students while instilling individual confidence and promoting group collaboration. Taiko residencies include a lecture/demonstration and ongoing taiko classes with an experienced Mu Daiko instructor, culminating in a group performance. Best of all, we work with you to design a program that fits your needs and schedule.
  • Interactive features: Residencies offer a unique opportunity for group work and team building through the shared experience of musical performance.
  • Number of instructors: 1 (additional available upon request)
  • Time: variable
Click HERE for a video on our residency with Bryn Mawr!

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