Be a part of the National Asian American Theater Movement!

Mu Performing Arts has been a member of CAATA (Consortium of Asian American Theaters and Artists) since its inception. Below is a note from this organization.

In 2006 the BIG BANG Conference in Los Angeles launched a national Asian American theater movement. The Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists (CAATA) was born and we have organized two festivals in New York City, a conference in Minneapolis, and the first Conference/Festival (ConFest) in Los Angeles in 2011.

Preparations are currently underway for the next ConFest, the 4th National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival, which will take place in Philadelphia in October 2014.

CAATA is a volunteer-driven organization that exists to support the vibrant, growing, and changing field of Asian American Theater across the country and the globe. As a member of this community we are asking you to support CAATA in order to keep this movement going.

Upcoming ConFest

Over 4 1/2 days, the 2014 ConFest will bring to Philadelphia approximately four Asian American theater productions, twenty panel discussions and three plenary sessions by established and emerging leaders in the community including a keynote address. In addition, curated open-mic events, ongoing video demos with artists sharing work-in-progress, neighborhood artist/open studio tours, new play readings, workshops, special events and open space gatherings round out the program.

The 2014 ConFest is currently entitled “Home: Here…There… Where?”. Through the lens of the Asian American experience of migration and the search for a sense of “place” and equity on personal, community, and global levels, the ConFest will examine Asian Americans’ relationship to broad definitions and meanings of home.

What Your Help Can Do

Your support goes to support the ConFest and beyond. CAATA’s programming is expanding to meet the needs of our community and we need your help to sustain our efforts. Your donation today could help cover:

$75 for a one-way train ticket for a ConFest panelist or keynote speaker

$100 for 2 months service with Constant Contact to keep the community informed
$500 one-month office rental to establish NYC residency to be eligible for grants

$1,000 web page update or cost of travel for two artists

$10,000 for performance and conference venue rentals for the Philadelphia ConFest

$100,000 40% of ConFest Expenses including housing and travel for artists from across the country

CAATA’s Board Steps Up!

Our goal was to raise $30,000 from our national network of supporters and collaborators. CAATA’s Board has jumpstarted this campaign by donating the first $5,000 and we ask you to help us raise the remaining $25,000.

About Us

The Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists (CAATA) envisions a strong and sustainable Asian American theater community that is an integral presence in national culture: evocative of our past, declarative of our present, and innovative towards our future. Our mission is to advance the field of Asian American theater through a national network of organizations and artists. We collaborate to inspire learning and sharing of knowledge and resources to promote a healthy, sustainable artistic ecology.
With programming held nationally approximately every two years, 2014 marks the first time we will be producing and presenting the National Asian American Theater Festival and Conference in Philadelphia. Our goal is two-fold: to serve Asian American theater artists from across the country who will be convening in Philadelphia and to raise Philadelphians’ awareness and appreciation of the many artistic contributions that Asian American theater artists are making.

Looking beyond the coming year, we’re already setting our sights on a Midwest location for the 2016 ConFest and to other new projects that serve our community. Stay tuned!