Mu produces great performances born of arts, equity, and justice from the heart of the Asian American experience.


Mu celebrates and empowers Asian Americans through theater.


  • To give voice and cultural profile to the Asian American community.

  • To offer opportunities for mainstream audiences to gain insight into and empathy for Asian American culture and heritage.

  • To provide professional development opportunities for emerging Asian American artists.

  • To promote awareness of and progressive action on issues of social justice and gender equality in society.

  • To move, provoke, and challenge our audiences to understand, embrace, and celebrate diversity.


The organization’s Code of Ethics guides the work of Mu’s board and staff members, and its artistic partners. Its primary purposes are:

  • To set an ethical standard for how Mu board, staff and artistic partners approach their work and make decisions

  • To provide ethical standards to which the general public can hold Mu accountable

  • To enable Mu board, staff and artistic partners to address issues of conflict or unethical behaviors and have clear procedures to address those issues

Ethical decision-making is a process that often has no clear answers. Mu’s Code of Ethics is not an attempt to provide exact processes and answers to issues. Rather, the Code of Ethics is a guide to help Mu stakeholders make thoughtful, reasoned and ethical decisions.

The standards outlined below include enforceable guidelines for conduct as well as aspirational ones. Enforceable matters are determined at the discretion of Mu leadership.

Theater Mu is committed to:

  • Treating our board, staff, artists, partners, audiences and communities we serve with dignity and respect

  • Acting responsibly and with integrity in all of our activities

  • Ensuring fiscally responsible and healthy organizational operations

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest, and addressing them if they do arise

  • Providing conditions of employment that safeguard individual rights and welfare

  • Being responsible, transparent and accountable for our actions and decisions

  • Improving the ethical conduct, accountability and transparency of the theater community


Mu (pronounced MOO) is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character for the shaman/artist/warrior who connects the heavens and the earth through the tree of life.