Mixed Blood Theatre
1501 South 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55454

The classic tension between free will and destiny underscores this potent satire of adoption in America. Destiny Jones is a Korean adoptee raised in Minnesota. But Destiny Jones is also an African American adoptee, a Guatemalan-born adoptee, and an adopted Caucasian boy. Four different actors portray the same titular character on the same day with the same family. To further complicate things, a playwright named Katie Leo keeps interrupting, and she really wants to make sure she represents every adoptee ever born, as well as give all of her characters exactly what they want. What happens when the four Destinies do get what they want? In this exploration of fate, DNA, arrival stories, and the families that love them, the answers are never simple.

Contains some strong language and adult situations. Recommended for ages 13+

"Leo writes with intelligence and imbues the play with keenly felt passion."
- John Olive -

"Funny, timely look at adoption across cultures"
- Rohan Preston - Star Tribune

"funny, colorful and tender production" "[the] play provides an important look into the particular issues surrounding adoption"
- Sophie Kerman -

Cast and Crew Introductions

Katie Leo
Katie Bradley
Destiny One
Sara Ochs
Destiny Two
LaDawn James Williams
Destiny Three
Nora Montanez
Destiny Four
Neil Matthew Schneider
Mother (Helen)
Maria Kelly
Father (Frank)
Nicholas Freeman*
Mrs. Harrison (Sue)
Shanan Custer
Mr. Harrison (Joe)
Don Eitel

* denotes member of Actors Equity
Suzy Messerole
Stage Manager
Lisa Smith*
Assistant to the Director
Danice Cabanela
Assistant Stage Manager
Yuzu Takei
Jen Weir
Scenic and Properties Designer
Mina Kinukawa
Lighting Designer
Mike Wangen
Sound Designer
Katharine Horowitz
Costume Designer
Kathy Kohl
Video Designer
Joshua Iley
Technical Director
Tyson Forbes

* denotes member of Actors Equity
This production was commissioned and developed through the Jerome New Performance Program, funded in part by The Jerome Foundation. This production is also supported, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.