Mu dives further into its Asian American musical theater initiative with this Tony Award winner that turns classic fairytales on their heads. A baker and his wife seek to break a witch’s evil curse, sending them on a raucous journey through the woods where they cross paths with Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and his beanstalk. But in this story, happily ever after is not always what it seems.

In a Mu-inspired twist on this modern classic musical, the casting, costumes, and staging are re-imagined from an Asian American perspective, giving even the show’s most seasoned fans something new to enjoy. Get your tickets today for Mu’s biggest production ever!

Featuring: Randy Reyes, Sheena Janson, Katie Bradley, Sara Ochs, Suzie Juul, Eric Sharp, Alex Galick, Maxwell Thao and many more!

Appropriate for ages 9+.

"The best summer show I’ve seen, easily. Definitely recommended."

"What does director Rick Shiomi and his merrie cast do, faced with esoteric music and a difficult story?... They have at the material with an insouciance and glee that inspires and delights...[and] have a rousing and infectious good time."

~ John Olive,

"'Into the Woods' is another milestone for a company still on the rise. [Mu] has kicked up the difficulty factor with its annual summer musical. Director Rick Shiomi [and] his talented ensemble... are more than up for the challenge. Randy Reyes brings more authority and depth to his singing voice than ever; Sheena Janson's deadpan style is spot-on; Katie Bradley is exceptional as a witch, and newcomer Maxwell Chonk Thao imbues Jack (of Beanstalk fame) with great empathy."

~ Graydon Royce, Star Tribune

"As the Witch, Katie Bradley gets several of the show's signature songs, including the first act's "Stay With Me" and the second-act showstopper "Last Midnight." There are a lot of layers here, and Bradley has so much to play with that the stage nearly ignites during her scenes."

"Director Rick Shiomi, music director Denise Prosek, and the production team craft a beautiful production that pulls out the humor and heart of the classic musical."

~ Ed Huyck, City Pages

" 'Happily ever after'... is a sure thing for anyone who attends this delightful production. Because, once upon a time, there was a musical comedy in St. Paul that could knock your socks off."

~ Chris Hewitt, Pioneer Press

Jeannie Lander
Mysterious Man
Tom Thao
Sara Ochs
Maxwell Thao
Randy Reyes*
Baker's Wife
Sheena Janson
Cinderella's Step Mother
Lara Trujillo
Meghan Kreidler
Danice Cabanela
Jack's Mother
Alice McGlave
Little Red Riding Hood
Suzie Juul
Katie Bradley
Cinderella's Father
Thomas Lee
Cinderella's Mother/Giant
Jennifer Kelley
Red Riding Hood's Grandmother

Cinderella's Prince
Alex Galick
Natalie Chung
Rapunzel's Prince/Wolf
Eric Sharp*
Michael Sung Ho
Snow White
Kim Egan
Sleeping Beauty
Bri Heu

* denotes member of Actors Equity
Rick Shiomi
Music Director
Denise Prosek
Stage Manager
Lisa Smith*
Assistant Director
Jennifer Weir
Scenic Designer
Gunther Gullickson
Lighting Designer
Karin Olson
Sound Designer
Tom Sandelands
Costume Designer
Paula Lee
Props Designer
Sarah Salisbury

* denotes member of Actors Equity